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About Iliria

Rreth Lagjes IliriaKompleksi afarist dhe i banimit Iliria gjendet në pjesën veriore të qytetit të Ferizajt dhe shtrihet në një sipërfaqe prej 8 ha. What makes this place special is the fact that is located inside the city, while offering the luxury of peace and considerable green spaces. Investitorët janë përkujdesur që vendbanimi t’i plotësoj standardet më luksoze të banimit për banorët e lagjes Iliria.
The concept of neighborhood is based on different models of the prestigious neighborhoods in Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Italy and other European countries. Neighborhood significant addition to the green spaces of the complex features playgrounds, pedestrian promenade, longitudinal park that has a linear extension, kindergarten, local polyclinic and special medical believers.
Illyria complex has an easy access and close by 300 until 900 meters of the following locations: Firefighters, Hospital, Police, Vehicle Registration Centre, Pristina-Skopje highway, Ferizaj highway- Prizren, Primary school” Ganimete Terbeshi”, Bill Clinton sports hall etc..
The housing complex is a joint venture of a group of local and international investors from Switzerland and Germany with a long experience in the field of investment in real estate and in construction. Super modern infrastructure of roads things lagjesPërbëhet, sidewalks, sewage special atmospheric water, special sewerage, water supply for drinking water, separate water supply for irrigation and other needs as well as public lighting.
Electricity with special regard by the supplier. The investor will enable permanent residents with water supply and electricity 24 hours without interruption from two alternative sources of supply. Safety lagjeInvestitorët have paid special attention to the security of residence. Illyria is confined quarters of which is monitored 24 hours of physical security and constant monitoring by cameras. Neighborhoods have access to only residents of the neighborhood, while others can be entered in the neighborhood just to the physical security warning and only with the permission of residents.
All houses, housing and ancillary facilities are secured by fire, floods, theft and other risks in the most prestigious insurance company in the country and the prestigious European reinsurance companies. Such a level of security offers the possibility residents feel completely comfortable about their life and property. As a concept is especially welcomed by our compatriots who do not regularly use their properties and thus can feel fully confident about their properties even when they are not there physically. Complex commercial AfaristQendra which will be built in the neighborhood Illyria will be available to residents of the neighborhood and other citizens.
The shopping center will have a level with garages and 3 business levels over 200 parking places for vehicles. The shopping center contains about 30.000 square meter. In addition to shopping center supermarket on the ground floor that will be 10.000 square meters, the other two floors are planned 56 lokale me nga 200 square meters where it will be located well 56 company that will bring global brands from almost all kinds of products, clothing, textile, drawers, Household appliances, technical white, goldsmith and jewelry, makeup, clothing for children, joinery, Car shops, some restaurants, bank, insurance company, mobile phone companies, etc.. Inside the shopping center will be the children's playground, a cinema, gyms and fitness and it bollingut. The center is designed so that citizens but supply everything they need, there can spend relaxing moments with their families. Illyria complex is divided into two blocks and a commercial block: Residential homes with sizes from 180-378 square meters located in three sizes lands: 3 Ari, 5 Ari, and 6.5 Ari. Total of 85 home available. The apartments surface 84 square meters, 106 square meters and 136 square meters. Total available 60.000 square meters. Sized shopping centers 30.000 square meters.